2021 RMPCA Academic Scholarship Results! 

1st Place $2,000 Award to Avery Connot! 

2nd Place $1,500 Award to Hope Martinez

3rd Place $1,000 Award to Katie Moore

We had a ten-way tie for the additional applicants and all will be receiving a $500 award to help towards their continuing college success!

All award recipients received an email Thursday, June 17th with the good news! 

Qualifications: High School senior with an acceptance letter from an accredited college or university for the upcoming academic school year OR Currently enrolled college or university student with transcripts or proof of attendance for the upcoming school year. Applicant must be the child or grandchild of an active RMPCA Adjuster or Company Member of the RMPCA.

Format: The applicant is tasked with writing an original informative essay. The essay can be up to 500 words. The completed application must be attached in a MS Word Document, formatted, and saved in a 12 pt Arial font. Don’t forget to attach a current photo and EMAIL SUBJECT LINE: 2021 Scholarship Program

Jury review: The applications will be reviewed by a jury consisting of RMPCA members from various industries. None of the applicant’s personal information is available to the jury. The jury is selected by the committee chairperson, and serves one scholarship season.

Scholarship Committee:  The scholarship committee is responsible for tracking the applicants, forming the review jury, monitoring the applications; provide the jury with unidentifiable and complete applications. The committee is empowered to make decisions and implement processes that provide a fair and unbiased review and subsequent awards of the RMPCA scholarship.

Award Structure: The award is based on originality, cogent thought and argument supporting understanding, and relevant application of the question. There are three top prizes awarded: Applicants are only eligible for the top three awards once during their college career.

The amount of the pool is variable and is dependant on the amount of money raised by the RMPCA.  The remaining prize pool is to be divided equally among the remaining applicants.  All applicants will receive a scholarship prize.

Awards: All applicants will be showcased at our annual golf tournament and receive their award by June 30, 2021.

One of the primary directives of the RMPCA is to raise funds from our annual golf tournament to be awarded in the form of an annual scholarship to high school seniors and actively enrolled college and university students.