Next Lunch Meeting: Sept 14th at 2 Penguins in Centennial

Registration Link for Sept 14 Lunch Meeting

Join us in September and hear about a HOT Topic:  New ‘growth’ in the Mold industry.

Google the word ‘mold’ and you’ll get tens of millions of search results.  There’s no shortage of people talking about, remediating, and claiming to cure the affects of mold and much more.
This presentation will clear up age old mold myths about ‘Black Mold’ and ‘Toxic Mold’  and bring insight plus a live demonstration into new mold testing technology and processes that can make a huge impact on property owners, contractors and insurance companies.
Our speaker is Frank Rudy with Integrity Air Quality. Integrity Air Quality has the first digital instrumentation which detects airborne mold levels, providing instant analysis and reporting.

The RMPCA Annual Golf Tournament hosted another successful golf tournament at Raccoon Creek in Littleton on June 23rd.

Thank you to everyone who came out to golf and help sponsor this fun event! The proceeds from this tournament benefit the RMPCA Scholarship Program available to active members.